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dog mom and lover, graduate student, wanna-be traveler, outdoor enthusiast, horse rider and lover, hiker, wanderer, with a list of future adventures about a mile long




Birthday: 6/30/16

Gotcha day: 11/7/16

Cricket is a Beagle mix who loves being outside and anywhere her mom is. She loves hiking and playing in mountain streams and rivers. Cricket is timid with people but loves other dogs, and warms up to people with a few minutes time if allowed.  Cricket may also be part mountain goat, as evidenced by her picture above. She will climb and jump rocks when we hike, which means she stays on leash a good bit for safety, particularly when on mountains. She does have good recall though, so does enjoy off-leash privileges at time. I’m hoping to try SUP with her soon!

Cricket came to our family as a pal for my previous dog, Tank, who was the only dog at the time. Tank was slightly dog reactive but took to Cricket’s laid back and submissive personality immediately. She joined us on 11/7/16, and fit in immediately upon arrival. Sadly, Tank left us unexpectedly on 12/23/16, which resulted in Cheyenne’s arrival.




Birthday: 6/30/16

Gotcha day: 12/28/16

Cheyenne is my stubborn girl. She is extremely intelligent but extremely stubborn, so Cheyenne got to go to training class, specifically so I could say “help!” Cheyenne is as sweet as they come once she knows you, but does take time to warm up. She is skittish with people as well and warms up slower than Cricket does, and has been a little finicky with dogs as of late. Cheyenne loves hiking and being outside, but her hound nose is stronger than Cricket’s and she gets tunnel vision (or scent?) if she sees or scents anything, so a leash is a must most of the time. She can enjoy off-leash activities at the end of trails when she’s worn out though!!

Believe it or not, Cheyenne and Cricket are littermates. They both came from the Humane Society, we know mom was a Beagle owned by the hunter who surrendered them, but we do not know what dad was, it was an accidental breeding. A DNA test will happen one day, just not sure when. When Tank passed unexpectedly, I checked the Humane Society to see if any of Cricket’s litter were still available, and Cheyenne was the last one of the litter. My parents offered to pay for her adoption to ease Tank’s passing and as part of my birthday. I know, best parents EVER!! So, allowing for a few days because of the Christmas holiday that year, Cricket and I went to meet her and pick her up immediately. Cricket and Cheyenne immediately had wiggle-butt when they saw each other through the door. Done deal, and she came home with us, no questions asked.

Our newest edition is….



Birthday: 11/14/16

Gotcha day: 5/25/18

Smoke just joined us from the local animal shelter. He’s sweet and smart and is learning so fast. This picture was taken on Saturday after he came home on Friday. I visited him every day for a week to determine if he was the right dog to bring home, as well as to make sure he was still available until I could get him. I took the girls on that Friday to meet him, they got along so great, and he left with us. He’s still figuring out which treats he likes and how big he is, but he’s been a wonderful addition and we can’t wait to see what he enjoys on the trails and when camping.

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